Changing the game

Some Sims believe in an all-knowing Watcher who takes some interest in our actions. Those Sims who do believe it, are OK with it. Part of being a game character is to amuse the player.

In the Outer World, players of the new Xbox One — and their families, and whomever else happens to walk into the room where it is — will now be able to have the same experience! You see, Continue reading

Sim Chow

I’ve been invited to a pot-luck holiday party where we’re asked to “bring something from your own cultural background.” But most of the people there will be Outsiders, so I have been thinking about how to prepare typical Sim dishes using Outer World ingredients. As well, I need to use ingredients that are obtainable at this time of year — a problem that we do not face in Sunset Valley, but my friends live in Vancouver where Autumn Salad in December just isn’t going to work.

Photo from inside the oven, of Ronnie putting a pan in to cook.The first thing I ever learned to cook was waffles. And oh, they are good Sim waffles, baked in an oven! Outsiders can’t make anything like them — they don’t have the right kind of pan. Too, the oven must be very hot to get the crispiness right. I won’t deny I’ve burnt a few batches. But anyway, the party is in the evening. I need a traditional Sim dinner recipe.

I have narrowed the choices down to Tri-Tip Steak and Goopy Carbonara.

Carbonara is Continue reading

Homework: Plant Report

I have handed in my Plant Report for science class. The English version, with photos of lovely Lettuces and their relatives, is here:
(This is a new draft, because the teacher gave me some narble on the first draft, about how I only cited one source and it was Wikipedia.)

Our science teacher is not a full-time teacher, but works at the Landgraab Lab and visits us on science days. The Lab, of course, is really really into plants. I do not know whether that will turn out to be a good or a bad thing, as far as what mark I get on the final draft.

From the Mailbag

A fan writes:

of course like your web site but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I’ll surely come back again.


Suul suul, and abba maiba maltz! Foonits doonorp — I’m dreadfully sorry that you find it bothersome to tell the truth. I will consider your advice in that context.



Janet is much excited by the idea that we should travel and meet some Outer World people. I have tried to give her a sense of the considerable language barrier involved. Part of the problem is not knowing Sunset Valley’s location well enough to be sure what destinations will be within our budget. So really, we have no idea which of the half-gazillion human languages will be spoken in the place that we visit.

Janet is undaunted, but it’s clear we’ll have to adjust our approach to the problem.
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