Favourites of Ronnie and Janet

I’m gradually moving content back to this page, rather than rely exclusively on my YouTube channel.

The tunes are categorized by their meaning to us, i.e. according to why we enjoy them, rather than by musical genre; but even that’s not quite right, because true favourites have multiple reasons for being that way.

The thumbnails usually link to YouTube videos. Let me say I especially like the tunes, but the videos may or may not be any good. It’s just that YouTube is the easiest way to point someone to a song nowadays.

Tunes related to Secret and Forbidden Love
Title Artist / Composer Comments Listed by
Something to Talk About Bonnie Raitt If you’re being teased about liking someone, this song is ideal for taking that person’s hand and pulling them to the dance floor. Ronnie & Janet
A Time for Us It’s complicated. See the Wikipedia page Old school! About 300 years, as to the story; but the movie was done in 1968. The actors were close to the age of Shakespeare’s characters, which got everyone properly scandalized — rather getting into the spirit of the story themselves, I suppose. Ronnie
Young Girl Gary Puckett and the Union Gap No comment Janet
Somewhere (a Place For Us) From West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim; this cover is performed by Adam Rafferty. I chose this instrumental version because it’s sadder and more edgy, as I think this song should feel. Ronnie
What Would Happen Meredith Brooks Janet and her, you know, situations. Janet
Tunes about how The Important Thing Is That We’re All Sims
People Are People
Dépêche Mode Electronica is usually Janet’s genre more than mine, but this song I like. And the video is a splendid job. Ronnie
Let The Mystery Be
Iris Dement (composer) / Natalie Merchant, David Byrne (vocals) / 10,000 Maniacs (accompaniment) I like this cover version particularly for the harmony, but you can also hear the original by Iris Dement
and another pleasant cover by three folks from the States. Dedicated to Janet, who “lives her life accordingly.”
We Are Family
Sister Sledge Well, it’s so. Ronnie
Tunes I’m pretty sure Janet Put Here Just to Mess With Me
You’re Sixteen
The Sherman brothers (composers) / Ringo Starr (artist) I understand that this is the only song ever to reach #1 in the States despite featuring a kazoo.
The originally famous version by Johnny Burnette is also fun. (Unless, that is, people sing it at you too much and are going to get socked if they keep it up, Janet I swear.)
Tunes about Romance
Wicked Game
Chris Isaak (composer) / Paal Flaata (artist) One of Janet’s “heartbreaker” songs. Janet was all “OMG Chris Isaak is hot” but I showed her this Norsk singer’s video of the song and she just stood gaping, for the duration. I love the original of course, and Janet isn’t wrong about Mr. Isaak — but the video that usually goes with it is insipid. You might care to see this one which was done before the song was famous. Other credible versions have been done by Stone Sour, Heather Nova, and Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace. Ronnie, because I knew Janet would think Paal Flaata was haat
Fields of Gold
Sting   Janet
Kiss Me
Sixpence None The Richer Just pretty.

(Also, something about the mention of fireflies — as though we remember them from somewhere.)

Janet & Ronnie
Heart of Gold
Neil Young Fine song but, if you’re among those who don’t care for Mr. Young’s voice, you’ll probably like how Johnny Cash does it. Ronnie
Tunes for When I Just Feel Like I Need Some Tunes
Within Temptation   Ronnie
Cinnamon Girl
Neil Young (composer) / John Entwistle (artist) Dance-and-trance. Sometimes a Sim just likes to. This is not a quiet, contemplative sort of song… as I understand it, Mr. Entwistle didn’t quite invent the electric bass, but he was the first to play it with enough energy and precision to get people’s attention. Ronnie
Captain Coull’s Parrot
Peatbog Faeries More dance-and-trance — sort of folk-reggae. Ronnie
The Aussie Steve Set
Molly’s Revenge Oh this band is such great fun! YouTube has only an excerpt, but the whole set is on their ‘Raising the Rafters’ CD. Ronnie
Little Talks
Of Monsters and Men I had some misgivings about putting a song here that already gets constant airplay, but it is at the same time so weird — the genre has been described as “þjóðlagapopp séð með nýbylgjugleraugum” which, since I can’t make it out even slightly, I think is pretty accurate. And as well, it is refreshing to see a band that not only plays their own instruments, but even really difficult ones like the trumpet (Ragnhildur Gunnarsdóttir.) I like how the voices of Nanna Hilmarsdóttir and Raggi þórhallsson sound together, and Nanna’s little smiles between stanzas. And I like their attitude; here’s a nice article about them playing at the Sasquatch festival down in Washington State. Ronnie