Q & A

The page of Questions about myself and this site.
All the Q are listed here with links to the A.
  1. Who's Ronnie?


I am.

Portrait of Ronnie


Ronnie de Noube


Student, Comic strip character




Teenager, about 9 days from aging up


58 Water Lily Lane, Sunset Valley

Hobbies & Pastimes:

Listening to music, hacking, reading, blogging, pestering Janet, scientific experiments.

  1. Why did you create this site?

    Firstly, to promote mutual understanding between Sims and foreigners.

    Secondly, to improve my writing and hacking skills and earn class credit.
    (Àpropos of credit, many of these questions are thanks to my classmate River McIrish, who chose me as a partner in a journalism assignment.)

  2. Are you a Pre-Made Sim?

    No. I don’t really know where I came from, and I suspect I may be a mutation or genetic sport of some kind. The de Noubes adopted me as a baby, and I have no information about my birth parents.

    I’ve heard there is a canonical (pre-made) young adult Sunset Valley Sim to whom I’m practically identical. We haven’t met. But, even a very close resemblance doesn’t mean we’re necessarily close relatives; there just do not seem to be very many distinct Sim genotypes. I’ve learned not to be too surprised if a new acquaintance reminds me a lot of someone I already know.

  3. What’s your family situation now?
    Oh so excellent: I live with Janet de Noube.

    Janet’s my adoptive big sister and, formally, is barely older than me; but no bear cub could hope for a better mama bear than Janet. A Sim household, by law, has to have at least one adult member. As soon as Janet aged up to Young Adult, she pretty much shot out of the house and moved here to Sunset Valley. I am very grateful that she agreed to take me as a housemate – especially since I, being a student, contribute practically nothing to our finances. Janet understands me like no other Sim ever has, and, when even she can’t understand me, she cares about me anyway.
  4. Are you quite poor?
    Yes indeed! We don’t have diddly-squat. But it’s OK, we’re not real snobbish about it.

    I’ll take a telescope, if you’ve got a spare one lying around.
  5. Where are the elder de Noubes?
    Janet’s folks? They’re in our back story – just like most people’s families who live around here. I might write about them someday, but at this point my energy is going into what’s happening now, not what already happened. For now, suffice to say that everyone concerned thought it was a swell idea for Janet and me to grow up and move out.
  6. What makes you compare your sister to a mama bear?
    “Overprotective” is ruled out by your record of being busted for curfew violations, weird science experiments and so forth.
    Nothing scares her. I don’t mean that she has the Brave trait, or the Daredevil trait – I’ve just simply never seen her frightened of anything. Even things that would freak me completely out (e.g. any situation involving romance), Janet will jump in like she’s doing a cannonball off the high dive. She’s good for my self-confidence, both by her example, and because I know she’s got my back.

    We Sims have an expression, “sticks and stones won’t shake my mo.” Basically it means that someone refuses to be disheartened. That’s Janet.
  7. Is it possible that you’re maybe just a little too uncritical, vis-à-vis Janet?
    Bite me.
  8. If you’re a Sim, why isn’t this site in Simlish?
    By “Simlish,” do you mean our written script, or our spoken language?

    First, as to why I don’t write it in Simlish characters: readability. We use that traditional script mainly for signs and announcements, not for printed matter. It is similar to the way foreigners use Roman numerals on clock faces and cornerstones and other such traditional things, but aren’t actually comfortable with that numbering system and don’t use it day to day. (Perhaps I can give you a more encouraging answer once more browsers have Simlish Unicode support.)

    Second, as to why I don’t write in the spoken Simlish language: it is much easier for Sims to read English than for foreigners to read spoken Simlish. Such a large number of foreigners play The Sims 3, that to accommodate them, much of the interface is localized for their language. As a result, Sunset Valley is not only full of English place names, but we Sims are well accustomed to newspapers and books in English. Most of us can read it just fine, even if we don’t speak it.

    I don’t lack national pride or consider our language in any way inferior. But, see my answer to “Why did you create this site?” above. A web page can’t promote international understanding if it’s in a language that only the people of one town can understand.