The Comic

The Comic named “Ronnie’s Blog”

These are the comics so far, in chronological order as the events happened in my life, starting from shortly after we moved to Sunset Valley.  Sometimes I’ll insert writings other than comics, at the points where they fit the chronology.


Issue #1 jpgpdf
The first thing I wrote in our new house.  This is the point at which I got the idea to lay the blog out like a comic, because I wanted to include lots of images.

Issue #2 jpgpdf

About my habit of bugging Janet with questions at bedtime.

Untitled pdf

About Janet and “commitment issues.” Not a comic but part of my early writing practice.

Issue #3 jpg 
Big Questions.

Ronnie finds the Tank Man

Issue #4 jpgpdf
In which
I discover the Outer Sims.

Janet fixing an exploded kitchen faucet

Issue #5 jpgpdf
The morning after I discover the Outer world, issues in the real world provide perspective. Too little sleep, and a bit too much stuff going on.

Ronnie pleading with a cop at night by the pier.

Issue #6 jpgpdf
Humidity, fishing, and a ride in a police car.


Issue #7 jpgpdf
In which I have trouble making friends. On the other hand, Janet lands a job.


Issue #8 jpgpdf
When I finally got to tell Janet about the Outer Sims! At least, about their music. Oh my goodness, there's a lot of it. We danced not quite until dawn.


Issue #9 jpgpdf
I feel like things are looking up. We're starting to hit our stride, I think. Sometimes it is best just to let things happen.


Issue #10 jpgpdf
Not really insomnia — I think the term is “delayed sleep onset.”

Thumbnail of Ronnie standing on a ridge overlooking the Fort Gnome airfield.

Issue #11 jpgpdf
Difficulties trying to be my own travel agent.

Thumbnail of my Outer Sims report.

pdf Things I Have Learned So Far About the Outer Sims.
School assignment. I think it deserved a better mark than Po-minus, but, try telling that to Crumplebottom and she gets all "I don't give marks, you earn them" blah blah blah.

Thumbnail of Ronnie zoning out with headphones

Issue #12 jpg
Arguing theology and starting a garden.

Thumbnail of issue 13

Issue #13 jpg
The one about Blair and the chess table.

Thumbnail of issue 14

Issue #14 jpg
The new neighbour on the block likes to jog and think.

Thumbnail of the school bus

Issue #15 jpg
School, and all that's implied in that.

Thumbnail of Ronnie looking at a web photo of a Pride parade

Issue #16 jpg
Ceremonial obligations properly attended to.

Thumbnail of Ronnie looking at a bug

Issue #17 jpg
Something just occurred to me one night.

Thumbnail of Janet in the boss's office

Issue #18 jpg
Janet takes a deep breath and commits.

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