How It Began.

So Janet was looking over back issues of the Comic and told me, “You should do the one where you got bit by the radioactive spider.”

That threw me. The only bug I own is my ladybug, Santa, who doesn’t bite.

“Or you got stricken by gamma rays, or whatever,” Janet clarified. “Superhero comics always have a little intro like that, to tell the reader where their Powers came from.”

Janet always means well and I try to be patient with her. “I’m a Sim,” I explained. “I don’t have Powers. With luck, I just about have the Power to route myself across the room and out the front door to catch the school bus. Some days, I even bollux that up.”

“Well, you discovered the Outer World. You take that for granted now because you’re online all the time, but for a new reader, some kind of set-up would be nice.”

Janet is actually pretty wise. Here is a link to the comic of How It Began.

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