Wave hi, up in the sky

I found out, via Bobak Ferdowsi the cute guy with the VJ Alvi haircut who lands spaceships on Mars, that a spaceship flew past Earth today on its way towards Jupiter. There are nice stories about it and a video by Bill Nye the Science Guy at the blog of Emily Lakdawalla

The worldwide Say Hi To Juno event collected & transmitted greetings to the Juno spacecraft from radio amateurs and basically everybody who could post to Instagram. Janet and I hauled some spotlights up onto the hill in front of the Landgraab Science Center to spell out “HI” in Morse Code.
Ronnie scanning the skies for Juno, while Janet waves and searchlights spell "Hi" in Morse code.
(This is the photo that I wanted to post to Instagram, but there are only apps for Android and iOS, whereas my phone runs Symbian.)

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